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Dubbed the industry of excellence…

Luxury is a very attractive field for those who love the finer things in life. 

It’s an attractive industry that attracts attractive people

Luxury brand management is the most rewarding segment of all business ventures – and the management, branding, marketing, advertising, communications, public relations and events thereof a thrilling adventure.

But how do luxury brands manage to become so well-known, so loved, so coveted in a competitive industry that they manage to reign for centuries?

How do they manage to stand out from the crowds and successfully communicate what they stand for? 

How do they manage to stay relevant in an ever-evolving luxury industry that can withstand all adversity and economic slumps?

In this introductory to luxury brand management online program you’ll learn all the intricacies of luxury brand management and how the industry works in its totality. 

It’s an entry level program with higher certification for those who want to learn know about the exciting luxury industry

The information shared in the program will equip you with the fundamental knowledge and understanding needed to work within the luxury industry, or to start, build or expand your existing brand, or help you to market luxury brands, and position you as an expert in the world of luxury.

The luxury industry stands out significantly from other industries. The Luxury Brand DNA and strategy, is vastly different from normal branding and managers, marketers, luxury brand owners, or startup businesses and entrepreneurs need specific skills to understand the characteristics of this ever-evolving industry and its ever-evolving target customers. 

This program enables anyone to acquire knowledge and skills about the world of luxury, and the skills necessary for the pursuit of a successful career in luxury brand management and communications. 

Modules in this program have been carefully curated from highly qualified academic institutes and experienced industry experts from across the world, and from very diverse educational and cultural backgrounds to bring you relevant information to gain competitive advantage in a global sphere.

So why is luxury so alluring?

“Man is a luxury loving animal. Take away play, fancies, and luxuries and you will turn man into a dull, sluggish creature.”  Eric Hofer 

It is a natural human desire to strive for excellence, to reach for the top, and luxury brands get your there faster than anything else. 

It’s elevation in motion…

Love it, want it, use it, aspire to be like it… no matter which level you are on in a quest towards luxury – all of it elevates you to experience the highest form of living life.

Not everybody will agree with this statement right now, but that only shows, they don’t understand luxury – what it embodies and how it solves a very basic, but very real human condition, or rather solving a few conditions…

So what is needed to capitalize on luxury’s promises of endearment and endurement? 

Knowledge, insight, clarity.

Your future in sampling a luxury offering just might help you live a better life…

Luxury is omnipresent, you see it everywhere in upscale homes, five-star hotels, large shopping malls, on the street – and yet true luxury is quite rare.

It is deeply bound to traditions and cultural heritage, and known for its ability to innovate, to set trends and lead, even during economic slumps and world-wide pandemics. 

Luxury may represent materialism or conspicuous consumption to some, but for others it represent deep lying values and symbolism, those who understand luxury and the role it plays and can play, in their lives.

There is no doubt that the global demand for luxury is increasing and in some ways some luxury brands get diluted by overexposure – Once only accessible to the rich, luxury has become an aspiration for millions.

But true luxury is not so easily accessible and is still put out of reach to the many – which is exactly the point. 

Luxury has never been just about a brand name, logo or solely synonymous with material things, nor has it been an object for ridicule although it has become so in some markets.

Luxury has many faces with the potential to empower all of us to live fuller, better and more abundant lives.

Luxury embodies a value that is intrinsic to an enriching life and can be the building blocks that help you create new definitions for your own life, and start a personal shift towards joy and a path towards self-actualisation.

What is luxury exactly?

The perception of luxury, and what the world now expects from luxury brands has rapidly evolved. 

So it depends who you ask…

For example, watch this video below in which renowned designers, architects and artisans participants of the 2018 Luxury Home & Design Show give their perspectives of what is the true luxury in their segment.

And what people say in real estate and interior design industry…

Luxury in the media….

The media world has gone up in a frenzy of how luxury has changed, there is not one luxury article that does not start with, the luxury industry has changed, it has been democratized through globalisation and the newly rich.

People now want more experiences, millennials have changed luxury by splashing it all over on social media … and you can fill in the dots if you have been reading some of these articles…

In truth, the only thing that has really changed, or happened rather, was that the advancement of technology brought more communication channels as platforms of conversation (democratized) with a global reach (globalisation) – in which to present (communicate) luxury products to more consumers who aspire to buy them (conspicuous consumption and dilution).

What has changed, is that brand managers and marketers now had more channels to consider in the advertising and marketing mix, having to determine how to use these channels more appropriately, learn the rules of luxury engagement that came with each channel, learn how it is being used by consumers in each country, learn how to craft the luxury mystique to new cultures… and so luxury brands (all brands really) had to implement new strategies to manage reputation on a global scale, in an effort to remain true to their brand ethos, values and integrity.

It remains the luxury brands responsibility to do so in a way that represents their brand identity, heritage, personality, values and objectives – and to still remain exclusive, something of rarity among the higher demand.

Just like in any eras before this one, the luxury industry has merely been challenged and shaped to stay relevant in a rising wave where almost every brand wants to be known as a luxury offering to capture the growing high net-worth individual markets, and where consumers drive a large portion of the conversation.

Those consumers who cannot afford luxury yet (millennials), demand luxury to be more accessible to them and some brands respond to that with a lower brand offering (premium) and consequently pay a big price in diminishing their reputation and public perception of their once luxury brand.

Luxury does not change because any consumer group says it has changed or wants it to change.

These consumers, are only one segment of the huge and diverse global consumer segments – and to be honest, a segment that can not afford true luxury (yet) – so they force the concept of luxury to change so they can become a part of it. 

Currently, luxury fashion is one of the most rapidly expanding and well-performing industries with leading firms experiencing double-digit growth in the last few years and that’s why it’s constantly in the media as content creators try to define it.

In the LBM program various definitions will be explored, how it evolved and how it still will evolve in future.

This program is vital for anyone who wants to enhance marketing excellence, go-to-market strategies, and who wants to know how a product or brand can earn and sustain luxury status with customer insight.

The more perceptions change, the more it stays the same…

Luxury in its symbolic and philosophical essence will never change.

Some operational aspects such as communications, marketing, ethical raw material sourcing, sustainability, environmental concerns, distribution channels, protecting the concept of rarity, retail adjustments and vertical integration might – but not luxury in itself.

However, at the end of the day, luxury is still and probably always will be highly subjective to opinion and point of views…

Luxury products, that are categorised as being luxury, are mostly bought for what they stand for, quality, but mostly for what they symbolise (speaking to human needs and conditions) and consumers will always, maybe only in secret, aspire to what luxury symbolises.

Which leads to exactly the reason for this program, to understand luxury in all its essence to be able to build a luxury product, or manage it properly, and translate the deeper values of luxury in successful business models, to communicate its symbolism accordingly to consumer behaviours.

Or turning an existing product into a luxury offer is an important way for brands to drive sales growth and to engage with a wider range of consumers.

It’s particularly well-suited to mature categories where it’s more difficult to grow through penetration.

Or to simply learn the luxury strategy to craft a better life for yourself – you will be surprise how this strategy can transform a life…


Luxury elevates, it uplifts, it puts you in a higher class. It has sophistication, taste and elegance.

When asking affluent consumers to define what luxury meant to them, they put high quality and cost, at the top of the list.

Affluent consumers see luxury as something that makes them feel special and make them experience something different, an aspirational quality beyond inherent functionality, that drive their desire to purchase.

Consumers cited excellent design (40%), long-lasting (39%) and excellent reputation (38%) as key associated terms with luxury.

To them, the word serves as an indicator that a high cost is justified by something providing more features and value.

While all of these are elements of luxury, it is far from being the entire scope or concept of luxury.


The luxury industry is an inspiring and fascinating world that involves a diverse group of contenders, from small independent designer businesses, to well established heritage and multinational conglomerates. 

Luxury consumers are diverse, some are extremely demanding and sophisticated, expecting that luxury goods and services must be of exceptional quality and provide a complex set of functional, social, and emotional benefits.

While others who are born into it, continue to demand quality and style as they are accustomed to.

And others see luxury brands as a visa to distinction, to say “I’m moving up the ladder.”

And for others the label makes them behave in a certain way… confident.

The Luxury brand management program focuses on operations of luxury brands and products exploring their origin, history, and evolution and gives an overview of the global luxury industry, how it evolved, including global markets, major players, and trends. 

Luxury brands are an entirely different proposition and require a very specific approach to brand management and communications. They notably have to manage a number of inherent paradoxes and tensions. 

The brand manager’s role within the luxury goods industry is to motivate, create desire and mystique, and build trust through various channels in order to meet the expectations of a luxury brand’s vision and strategy.

This requires in-depth knowledge of luxury in its totality.

Experts in luxury brand management know exactly where their products are positioned, they fully understand the product or service’s role in the market, and constantly analyse their relationships with customers to keep it high up the ladder. 

Successful luxury brand managers are clear and precise in their strategies, because they know…

The task of the luxury brand manager is not only to attract and retain consumers, but also to improve the practical and organisational management of a brand within the organisation.

This program addresses all of these areas; luxury branding, business management and organisation skills with contributions from leading luxury professionals and insights from the world leader in business data Bain and Company.

The program content is purely luxury industry-oriented – and the skills learned will help improve your performance in the workplace significantly.

LBMCI’s work in Luxury is informed by broad expertise developed over many years as a leader in business strategy and operations, and expertly qualified to bring you this information.


This program is for all luxury enthusiasts and individuals looking to make headway into the field of the luxury business. Individuals running their luxury brands or working within the luxury industry and seeking to expand their knowledge.

It’s for those who’re thinking about starting a fashion or lifestyle luxury brand and need to know if this world is for them.

It’s for designers and brand owners who want to expand their brand into a luxury one to increase its value, and realise higher margins and profits, and help the brand be tomorrow’s “must have luxury item”.

It’s for upcoming fashion models and artists who want to know more about this world to be able to show their potential clients and agencies, that they know what’s going on in the luxury industry.

It’s for anyone who wants to learn more about fashion, and the difference between fashion and luxury fashion.

It’s for personal stylists who advise and work for affluent clients, who need to know what consumers really want, and to best meet those needs with appropriate luxury brands and who need a better understanding of what their customers are looking for.

It’s for consumers who want to know which brands they can associate with, the ones who speak to their identity, beliefs and values best. By the end of the program you will know all luxury brands in all segments by name.

It’s for influencers and bloggers who want to know how to ethically and appropriately represent a luxury brand to their followers.

This program is ideal for anyone who is working, or wants to work, in luxury brand management, and who wants to develop their practical understanding of the luxury world, or who wants to start an exciting new hobby or career in the world of luxury.

You should have an interest in all things luxury – but no previous experience is required, although a background knowledge of branding, marketing and communications will be to your advantage.


Unfortunately the meaning of luxury has become so disarranged and overused that there is a huge confusion today about what really makes a luxury product, a luxury brand or a luxury company. 

Going back to fundamentals, one needs to redefine the luxury concept  in all its depths for clarity…


Managing a luxury brand successfully, requires clear concepts and, beyond these concepts, clear business approaches and pragmatic rules. 

While clever marketing strategies would help brands grow in the new market, they also ran the risk of diluting themselves out of the luxury segment. 

As lower class moved up to middle class, middle class to upper class, upper to HNWI class and then up to the UHNWI – the ultra rich, at some point a brand will be outmatched, meaning, a luxury good may become a normal good or even an inferior good for someone climbing the financial ladder higher and higher, able to afford more and better at a different higher income level.  

For instance if a wealthy person gets wealthy enough, they may stop buying increasing numbers of luxury cars in order to start collecting airplanes or yachts (because at higher income levels, the luxury car would become an inferior good).

So a luxury brand has many things to consider…. one how to keep the allure for a consumer who is getting richer and richer.

The program places attendees at the intersection of luxury and business. And as seen from how luxury is evolving, the program will teach you how to capitalize on all these changes in luxury.

It provides a multidisciplinary approach, a solid business and strategic knowledge combined with exposure to the luxury global sphere. 

People who regularly buy luxury items or services are smart and sophisticated. They are connoisseurs. They demand seniority, experience and expert knowledge about everything. 

Knowing about the industry and competitors as much as you can to serve customers best are vital to your success. The program helps you to be elegant, well-trained, and intelligent.

Like nearly all industries, the luxury category is evolving, driven by demographic shifts, long-term socioeconomic trends and technology. As the luxury landscape changes, it’s important for brand owners, and marketers to understand the complex new dimensions of luxury to fully optimize potential opportunities.

Understanding global consumers and their fundamental and cultural differences in the perception of – and motivation to buy luxury brands – is critical. 

Becoming part of one of the most exciting categories in business will change your outlook on life and automatically elevate your life.

Add this to your existing profession, as an enhancement to your career or business, or start an entirely new career or enterprise focused in this area.

Luxury brand management is challenging with extremely high standards, and this program will help strengthen your overall understanding of the international luxury industry and give you the confidence to enter the world of luxury with know-how and experience.

This is a great entry level program, however it contains a lot more than what students find at university, as the program deals with professionals with skin in the game and not just theory.

The world needs new luxury brands… the older ones are changing and some become irrelevant, and the new world needs better sustainable offerings…

Know that you are building a luxury brand in the making and that one day must have a heritage a legacy an inspiring story, and you need to start now.


Develop a deep insight and understanding of the luxury brand world

Learn how luxury brands differ from the rest, and why it’s important to know this difference, and how it can help you in your career.

Learn how luxury has evolved within all of its classification and segments including beauty, fashion, jewellery, watches, lifestyle, motoring, beverage, fine dining, hospitality, aviation, yachting, collectables, art, real estate, branded residences, architecture, decor and design, travel and tourism, health and wellbeing, developing a personal brand and the family office.

Learn everything about the industry: economics, market trends, the various market segments, and the various business models a brand can take, and how to justify a high price tag.

Understand how luxury markets work and how to position a brand in a global landscape.

Learn who the luxury customers are, their preferences, where they live, what they want and how they want it.

You will explore the links between psychology and luxury and explore the underlying processes involved in luxury consumption to better predict consumer behaviour. 

Get insight from professionals in the luxury industry, how they made it, what’s important when building a luxury brand and how to take it globally.  

Learn all there is to know about managing a luxury brand, managing a business, product development, manufacturing processes, supply chain, customer service and communications.

Understand and improve your own leadership capabilities, ethical responsibilities, and build your management competence.

Learn what the future holds for luxury regarding technology, sustainability and responsibility to planet, people, profit.

Apply everything learned across various disciplines: design, product development, taking it to market and getting a competitive advantage.

Explore the new ways in which luxury brands are approaching their markets and how heritage brands still manage to stay ahead and relevant even after centuries in business.

Discover and analyse case studies of existing brands that highlight their methodologies, their secrets, their strategies and know-how which you can adopt and apply within your own business now, even if it is not a luxury offering.

Understand how luxury brands continually redefine themselves to meet the needs of new emerging markets, and different consumer segments, with a look into how they integrate technology and digital strategies to reach audiences.

Learn how luxury companies work and understand their sub brands, products, retail, and communication strategies. 

Discover how during the last twenty years, the tremendous development of the luxury markets had consequences on organizations and business models, with several changes in their economic environment (deregulation, globalization, fast expanding demand, weakened suppliers) some of the most emblematic players of the sector decided to switch to a more integrated model and how you can also tap into that.

Travel through business models, international developments, and product categories with industry influent experts.

The program discusses strategic brand management in luxury companies as a balancing act – tradition vs innovation, expertise vs experimentation, heritage vs new, to increase brand value and equity.

Learn how to cultivate brand heritage even if you’re a young brand – and at the same time staying fresh, relevant, and contemporary in the global marketplace. 

Discover various luxury approaches and focus on examining the main challenges with which luxury brands are currently confronted.

Gain a great understanding of brand positioning, and learn strategies and skills to analyze the essence of a luxury brand with techniques and trends to better position your own services. 

Learn to identify luxury target customers and their needs, and how to develop an understanding of how to build target customer profiles.

Receive insider tips on how the luxury industry evolves and how to lead with impact.


  • Be able to talk about the world of luxury with confidence and expert opinion
  • Be able to build your own luxury brand
  • Be able to help others build a luxury brand
  • Be able to take your products into new markets
  • Be able to set up a business model that simply can not fail (unless you mismanage it)
  • Be able to build a strong position in the market
  • Be able to conceptualize and design more sub brands and products for various consumer segments
  • Be able to spot a high quality ingredient brand or component and incorporate that in your product development
  • Be able to communicate your brand story with mystique, ease and confidence
  • Be able to build memorable customer experiences and create returning customers
  • Be able to elicit respect and admiration form customers and peers
  • Be proud of what you’ve created
  • Be able to elevate your own life and outlook on business
  • Be able to make more money
  • Be able to gain more respect in the market, business and within your own circles
  • Be able to properly manage a brand and business
  • Be able to correctly price products, be able to justify a high price tag and communicate it with confidence
  • Be able to communicate luxury with more elegance and grace


24/7 Online

All program material is hosted on an online platform of which you have a password to access from anywhere geographically on desktop, laptop, mobile.

Study at home in your own time, in your own space, and at your own pace.


  • Video sessions from those in the industry
  • Text articles, discussions and information on each section
  • Diagrams and infographics to understand models and things better
  • Video interviews from the top professionals in the industry
  • Case studies outlined that will give you the best insight into the world of luxury
  • PDF downloads of Phd level academic papers and studies on all relevant topics from credible institutions
  • Book resources
  • Clearly set out and easily navigated to find your way through with no difficulty


  • Short theoretical assignments are offered at selected chapters with one big assignment presented at the end, which will be marked to determine your level of knowledge at the end of the program so you can receive your certification.
  • Practical assignments to complete in the field
  • Personal feedback on assignments

Lifetime online access

You have 12 months to complete the program and deliver the assignments.

Since LBMCI only allows a certain number of attendees at the same time, after 12 months you will still have lifetime access to the material -but no assistance from the program director to allow other attendees to make full use of their 12 month program with the program director’s assistance. 

Certificate upon completion

The certification represents a written assurance by LBMCI of the conformity of the luxury brand management program to high industry standards and that the student completed it to specified requirements.

Tools you will need 

  • A laptop, or computer or mobile phone can also work
  • Microphone and headphones 
  • Webcam or camera on phone
  • Internet connection 


Your place in the program is confirmed once you’ve booked below.

There is no deadline for booking but there is limited space. 

Places are offered on a first come, first served basis, and the program has a maximum number of attendees to enable the program manager to assist you with the proper attention.  

Program Cost

US$ 95 – One Time Payment

If you want to speak to someone about this program first…


“I am a personal stylist. I advise and shop with my affluent clients, therefore I needed to know what they really want, and how I could best meet those needs with appropriate luxury offerings. I would highly recommend this program to everyone interested in consumer psychology and who wants a better understanding of what their HNWI customers are looking for. This knowledge is crucial for every business or person providing a luxury service.” – Tanya, Ukraine

“The program was a great and insightful experience. Each chapter was a great learning experience in various aspects of the luxury sector. Rizel, the program director, was great help, who always made sure that my questions were answered and greatly enriched my knowledge. I learned how to be successful with my new leather bad business and how to stand out in the industry.” –  Sonja, Johannesburg, SA.

“This program was very enriching in terms of content. It is easy to understand, practically very useful in knowing how luxury businesses work. For me it was inspiring and I now want to learn more. It has been one of the things that has motivated me most to want to continue to advance and fight for a position at a luxury brand.” Patricia, Nairobi, Kenya. 


The program is informed by worldwide experts, luxury institutions and education authorities – and aggregated and designed by Luxury Brand Management Consultant, and expert in the field of all things luxury, Rizel De’Lano. 

With a reputable 30-year background in Business Consulting on Luxury Brands, Communications, Leadership, Marketing Management, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Production, Product Development and Content Direction, R.De’lano has grown in tandem with rapidly changing times to stay relevant in various sectors of the economy, with a plethora of pertinent skills learnt along the way.

R.De’lano pulls from the most brilliant minds and cutting edge research and numerous interviews with some of the world’s most prominent achievers in various industries to bring you vital, potentially life changing information about business and brand management and communication to improve business performance.

From RD you get all the insider information from years of expertise in the business coupled with various inputs from a broad range of professionals and consultants from Europe: Italy, France, Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and the USA.

Welcome To The Industry Of Excellence

Dubbed the industry of excellence, it’s easy to see why luxury brand management is an attractive field for all those who love the finer things in life. 

This is an incredibly resilient industry with market growth hitting close to $1.2 trillion last year despite economic downturns and Covid19 interruptions…

Purely because luxury brands work on a long term growth strategy, almost like having long term shares in the property market that grow steady and strong over time with the eye on the far future, and with the up and down fluctuations at its feet hardly a hindrance – if you are a real luxury brand that is…

If you want to be one of the people living a life of luxury, within a world of luxury – then doing the Luxury Brand Management Program can be the gateway to a highly lucrative life and/or career and other exciting opportunities.

This program will give you a steady platform and competitive advantage in the industry as what you learn here is a culmination of various insights and learnings from university lectors, luxury research industry bodies, and luxury professionals with skin in the game.

The luxury industry oozes exclusivity, with a focus on top-level, traditional morals and ethics, exceptional customer service, and rich stories of heritage and tradition, which makes the industry totally unique and personal. 

True, the relationship between luxury businesses and their customers has somewhat changed from what it was maybe 10 years ago, due to digitized marketing strategies to keep up with the rapidly evolving luxury market landscape…

But as you will see in the program that a strong relationship cannot be that easily broken, it only evolves, but it never dissolves.

Step Up… Move Up The Ranks

Improve And Transcend Your Game

This Luxury Brand Management Program is a foot in the door to the exciting, thrilling world of excellence.

No educational institution in the world can really teach you how the consumer’s personal taste for luxury has changed and evolved… that would require another course in consumer psychology, which is by the way one of the LBMCI guide topics…

But you can certainly learn how to use experiential knowledge gained over centuries from schools, universities, luxury brand CEOs and professionals, and those in the value chain of the luxury industry to your advantage in navigating your way to, not just success, but true wealth.

This program is specifically designed to highlight certain aspects of the luxury world you may not know about, or even some professionals in the industry are not aware of – and which proved vital aspects to know in creating successful brands, which will give you an edge and competitive advantage.


Just so you know… the luxury business vertical in India and Africa is in its early days of growth. This means that there is a large pool of untapped opportunities just waiting to be explored, and the best thing about it is that not many know it.

Luxury Consultant RD has designed a workshop to introduce all those who have successfully completed the Luxury Brand Management Program to the well-guarded secrets of the luxury industry growth and development in India and Africa. 

The carefully curated workshop will give you insights into changing trends, the emerging affluent consumer in these countries, marketing and branding strategies that speaks directly to the newly rich in these markets considering their cultural traditions, and implement successful luxury business models that will take flame to Africa and India like a wild bushfire.

This workshop includes site visits to luxury business showrooms and design shops and events attended only by those in the luxury business in Africa and India.