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Luxury Brand Management + Communications


LBMCI offers comprehensive business solutions for the efficient launch, establishment, and growth of luxury brands, creating unique business models with a global reach and futuristic innovation, reimagining the business of tomorrow to ensure sustainability and increase ability to sustain profitability through time.


LBMCI assists luxury businesses and those interested in joining the industry – to build their knowledge and expertise in luxury product conception and development, existing product assessment and enhancement against well-established and far reaching benchmarks, company and product branding, communications, advertising, marketing, sales, public relations and customer service.


LBMCI provides a comprehensive, analytic view of where brands are currently positioned, how they are being perceived as by consumers, what their potential is, what they could become – deriving strategic approaches and tactics on how to get there.


LBMCI helps brands define how to be more valuable to customers and get the edge over competitors, thereby elevating brands to stand out and become more memorable on brand recall – and be more profitable.


LBMCI delivers end-to-end creative, innovative and strategic… 

Strategic direction

Research and development

Project management with successful implementation and KPI measurement

Conceptualize and design luxury products, services, campaigns 

Comprehensive range of communication services

Campaign management 

Conceptualize and design luxury brand immersion events

Luxury experience development

Luxury product development 

Implement retail (face to face) and digital touch point performance evaluation programs

Store performance evaluation programs

Luxury retailtainment programs

Luxury product and service influencer endorsement programs

Customer service management 

Loyalty programs

Corporate on-site workshops tailored to your business objectives, with a flexible approach to meet industry’s specific needs. Assessment reports with actionable steps going forward to craft the right solutions for development of your company.

LBMCI is comfortable collaborating in person (F2F), in group settings, conference and seminar engagements, talks, virtual engagements.